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The Fields of Taylorsville Amphitheater and Bird's Nest Lounge
The Fields of Taylorsville Taylorville Rd, Dosewell, VA
The Fields of Taylorsville Follower Collage


Then & Now

     The Fields of Taylorsville is nestled quaintly on what was the original Taylor Family homestead, bordering the Little River, just 2 miles from Hanover Junction. A railroad passenger platform was built on the edge of the Taylors’ farm; the remnants of which can still be seen today, if you know where to look. The Taylorsville Postal Office, which is now a private residence, can be seen from the property.

​     The first Hanover Country Fair was held on the Taylors’ farm in 1848. The original Taylor Family homestead was among the properties that survived the Civil War. Unfortunately, sometime in the 1890's the homestead suffered a catastrophic fire and burned to the ground. The current residence was completed in 1900 and, after 124 years, the home is more beautiful than ever.

     John and Christopher G. Ricchezza bought the estate in 2016. They saw the potential that the property had if it was shown some TLC. Since then, the estate has received lots of love and attention. Nearly every square inch of the estate, both inside and out, has been renovated or revitalized. John and Christopher remain committed to saving and restoring as many of the original historical features as possible. The original hardwood floors were saved and run throughout the home. The restoration of the nearly 3000sf main residence was completed in late 2017.

     After the house was renovated, they turned their attention to the outbuildings and the open grounds. Over the next several years, the estate was transformed into their own personal gardens. The gardens and open fields, coupled with breathtaking sunsets, inspired friends and family to gather for nearly every holiday and special occasion. Christopher’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and John’s father married his stepmother on the property, The Fields’ first wedding.

     This was exactly why John and Christopher bought the estate, to use it as a place where the people they love most could escape and always feel welcome. However, even with all the improvements and restorations that had been completed, returning the estate to being an active farm, as it had been for nearly a hundred years, was always a dream for them.  Having an extensive understanding of landscaping and gardening, a Flower Farm was perfectly suited to the Ricchezzas' vision for the estate. 

     While the estate remains a growing flower farm, Taylorsville's dreams are also growing. After all, what better way to show off beautiful flowers than in a botanical garden? After three years of hard work and dedication, the 1200-square-foot barn was also restored, revitalized, and renamed as the “Bird’s Nest Lounge”.

     Starting in 2020, and after countless requests to host a variety of special events for their closest friends and family, it became clear to John and Christopher that The Fields of Taylorsville shouldn’t be kept a secret. The “Bird’s Nest Lounge” is open to the public and available for rental to host private events, ceremonies, nuptials, or any other special occasion.

     Everyone is welcome at The Fields of Taylorsville. It is truly a joy to be a tiny part of the happiest days in our clients’ lives. If you choose us as your venue, your trust won't be taken for granted. As the dream of Taylorsville continues to grow, we will always put people ahead of profits, doing all we can to ensure your special day is all that you dreamed it would be.

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